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Thyroid Problems in Astrology

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Thyroid problems in astrology :

Here are my findings based on my analysis of many birth charts of people having thyroid –

1. 3rd lord, Gemini sign (Gemini sign in Lagna, in 3rd, in 6th, or in 8th house).

2. Mercury, in Western astrology Mercury is associated with the thyroid gland and the lungs.

3. Jupiter should be 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th lord or placed in these houses or in 5thhouse.

As per Vedic astrology, neck and throat region is seen from the second house and the second lord. Taurus is the lord of the second house in the horoscope of Kaal-purusha (time-personified). Hence, affliction to Taurus sign and Venus are both relevant. Lower neck region is also seen from the third house, third lord and from Gemini sign. Therefore, analyses of third house, third lord, Gemini sign and its lord Mercury are also necessary for making any judgment about chance of having thyroid.

Since it placed somewhere in junction between neck and torso ,planet Venus as a ruler of Taurus sign constitutes neck region while sign Gemini (upper torso)and planet mercury is responsible for endrochronological system here we have to consider sign virgo as well as rog karka for kaal pursh.Star chitra or nakshatra chitra ruled by mars signifies neck as an assigned body part..Since the thyriod gland is made up of muscles saturn has a role to play as well, jupiter represents weight gain its association with lagna or lagna lord through PAC has to there ,since thyroid signifies energy composition mars as ruler of chitra nakshatra which signifies neck region is also important to look for loss of energy and vtality,

Wear a copper kada and drink from copper glass. Wear onyx in copper in small finger on Wednesday. Donate green vegetables in shukla paksh Wednesday. Press the area slightly above where you put your bindi. Learn Sarvgasan. Learn ujjayi pranayam. Learn matsya asan. Eat fruits Limit potatoes, rice and sugar. Don’t take too much stress. Don’t eat non-vegetarian food. Eat vinegar. Eat punarva. Do ushapan – drink 3 glasses of water. Eat googlu and jal kumbi.

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