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Birth Time Rectification

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The birth time is pivotal in casting the horoscope of the native. A wrong birth time can potentially give an opportunity to predict wrong events by an astrologer. The birth time rectification is a very important step that should be done by a skilled astrologer when the birth time of native is not accurately known.

Determination of correct birth time is a lengthy and complex process. It is done with the help of past major events of one’s life. An approximate time is calculated to start with the help of ruling planets and client’s given time band. Then proceeding with the past major events of person’s life, the approximate time is adjusted several time till every piece falls in place.

Below are some of these events as a point of reference for you:

Date of Marriage / major relationship.

Date of birth of children.

Major purchases / acquisition like real estate / cars

Moving / relocation within or out of country.

First employment.

A financial wind fall/ financial losses

Injury / accident / surgery/ Major illness.

Status of parents: Living or not.

Date of demise of parents / family member.

New Business/ New Job.


Any other event you find significant.

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