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Property Problems in Astrology

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Property problems in Astrology

8th House:

This is the house of inheritance. The condition of this house in the horoscope of an individual reveals the prospects of gain of property through inheritance. Presence of Rahu in this house, often results in loss of property that was supposed to be rightfully inherited.

Owning a Property or Not:

The native will enjoy the full happiness of the house if the lord of the 4th house be in the 4th and the Ascendant lord be also there and receives the aspect from a benefic planet.

If the lord of the 4th is placed in his own sign or own Navamsa or sign of exaltation, the native gets land, conveyance, house and musical instruments.

If the lord of the 1 Oth house together with the lord of the 4th house be in a Kendra or a Trikona, the house would be adorned with a boundary and be worthy of a king.

All Yogas for acquiring land should also be seen or assessed in birth kundali, Navansh Kundali and Chaturyansh Kundali. If the Yogas for acquiring land are strong in all the three kundalis then only a person can buy or get property in life. If Yogas for buying house are not strong in all kundalis then a person may have to face difficulties in buying or acquiring land. When inauspicious Saturn exerts its effect on the fourth house of a kundali then a person is denied the happiness of a house. Such a person may acquire property but he would not be able to stay or live in it. An individual may also have to change many houses in a lifetime. When fourth house is forming a relationship with the sixth house in a kundali then a person can get involved in a court case related to property or he may have to take a property loan to buy a piece of land. When fourth house forms a relationship with the second house then an individual can inherit property from his parents. When fourth house is forming a relationship with the ninth house then a person can acquire land from his father.

Nature of property

If the 4th house and the 4th lord is in connected with:

Moon -A new house

Mercury -Aesthetically pleasing house

Jupiter – Strong and durable house

Sun and Ketu -Bad ramshackle house

Saturn and Rahu-old house

Venus – Lovely, luxurious house

Mars – House prone to fire

Time of Property acquisition:

A good Dasa and Bhukti connected with the 4th house, 4th lord and Mars can give property.

A good Dasa and Bhukti of benefic planets connected with the 4th house, 4th lord and Mars also can give property.

The strength of the planets and the nature of the planets connected with these factors show struggle involved in acquiring property.

Disputes in Property :

Disputes or troubles in a property usually occur when the 4th house of the birth chart has a wrong placement. Considering the placement it is believed that the person will spend most of the time in Court fighting the legal cases and solving disputes.

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