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Money Problems in Astrology

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Vedic astrology readings of your horoscope can provide reasonable help in financial astrology. To get help with financial problems, the strength of third, ninth and eleventh houses is analyzed. The strength of Mars and Jupiter is also supportive in ascertaining the level of help with financial problems.

The 5th house, 8th house and their respective house lords in the individual’s astrology chart represent the individual’s capacity to make money though stock market, gambling, lottery, or inheritance. The 7th house in the individual’s astrology chart represents their Business and 8th house represents money that belongs to other people or money through windfall such as lottery or inheritance or stock market. The 5th house in the astrology chart represents your ability to gamble. The analysis of the 5th and 8th house lords in your astrology chart can give you a clue if and when you can make big money through stock market, gambling or inheritance.

There are various astrological causes of Loss of wealth.

A weak lord of second and eleventh house in natal chart or in transit.

If a malefic like rahu/mars or Saturn sits in 2nd house and is weak.

If a malefic lord of 6th/8thj and 12th house sits in 2nd house or 11th

If the karaka for wealth Jupiter is weak or afflicted.

If the karaka for status sun is afflicted.

Planets in 2nd house for money

Here is a quick guide to planets in the 2nd house connect to money but the signs owned by the 2nd house may be more important. These are of course altered by dignity, signs, nakshatra placement and dignity.

Sun in 2nd: Gives wealth through hard worth and labor; native tends to spend more than he earns or saves.

Moon in 2nd: Wealth, prosperity and happiness in life; full moon is very wealthy. Aspected by Mars or Sun may create instability of income.

Mars in 2nd House: Good earnings and savings. Tends to spend more than he earns. Gains through brothers and property.

Mercury in 2nd: Happy life with worldly comforts; good traders and lawyers.

Jupiter in 2nd: Good even if karaka in same house.

Venus in 2nd: Good for riches; may deal in jewels; clothing; has comforts.

Saturn in 2nd: Strong Saturn in Libra or Aquarius is good but more problematic in other signs.

Rahu in 2nd: Sudden wealth and unpredictability and speculation; wealth through foreign lands.

Ketu: Bad for wealth; frequent expenditures.

Remedies to improve finance and wealth

In today’s era, we can live life in a very enjoyable and prosperous way with money. “Kuber” is the god of wealth. The primary way to be assured that you are consecrated with good wealth is to make lord kuber happy. Below mentioned are few remedies to make lord kuber happy and be wealthy:

Place a mirror in front of the locker, such that the mirror reflects the image of the locker.

Start chanting the Laxmi mantra on a daily basis for getting rid of loans and debts.

On the first Friday of every month, donate yellow cloth and Kheer to unmarried girls.

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