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Love Problem Solution in Astrology

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

love marriage in astrology :

Lagna Lord specially Venus and its placement in the birth chart becomes an important instrument for love/ romance. The native would become more passionate if under the influence of Mars/ Saturn/ Rahu.

Intimate relationship between 5th and 7th Lord also speak of love marriage i.e. by aspect/ association and change of signs (Rasi parivartan yoga).

As already pointed out with regards to Nodes- Rahu/ Ketu, if in 5th or 7th places or lords of 5th/ 7th house are afflicted by Nodes, love marriage including inter- caste love is indicated.

Lagna Lord if associated with 5th or 7th lord also speaks of strong Will to marry independently.

Love marriage and extra romance is indicated by the 9th house form Lagna specially if the 9th Lord occupies its own sign i.e. Mercury in Gemini for Libra Ascendant.

From Surya Lagna also, see the position of 9th Lord and how they are aspected/ associated with Rahu/ Ketu- this combination also speak of love marriage.

Strong Venus- neither combust nor ineffective without association of the Sun alos speak of love marriage. But the Sun and Venus together especially in lagna speak of skilled adultery.

Exalted 5th Lord with some planet including Rahu and Ketu assist Love marriage. (Exaltation signs for planets are: Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus, Mars in Capricorn, Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Pisces and Saturn in Libra.)

Twelfth house of the horoscope is also house of bed pleasures. Though it may not directly be involved in love- marriage but chances of love marriage are bright including extra- marital relationship between 6th- 8th lords and also between 2nd and 12th lords. This may not apply to Leo/ Cancer Lagna persons as the Sun and the Moon owns one sign only.

Mars – the powerful and energetic Planet has the requisite capacity to disturb the emotional part when it aspects/ associates with 1st/ 5th/ 9th Lords.

With experience it has been found that in the case of love marriages, Lagna Lord is found in Kendras (angles)- 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses, trines (5th house and 9th houses) and also in 12th houses. The exception is provided when the particular planet happens to be in its own sign or in exaltation signs.

When significations of marriage- Venus for men and Jupiter for Ladies (though some Astrologers take Mars) happen to be under the influence of Rahu- Ketu.

Check 5th or 9th position Rahu and determine the ambition for love or romance with reference to the position of planet.

The Moon in 5th or 11th position signifies mind- emotions. If the Moon is alone (no planet on either side) chances of native being swayed by feelings of others are bright.

Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) may afflict 3rd house as well as 3rd Lord. Rahu in 3rd aspecting the 7th house and also 9th house having Mercury with Ketu may enable the native to make efforts to make secret love affairs. Third house is representative of arm and valor- thus speaks of efforts.

Now a word about 2nd house and its lord. Being a family house, its lord and aspects of other planets may also speak of love etc. including with some relations.

With the Moon in the2nd house, the native develops romantic and imaginative mind. With Mars in the 2nd house and if lord of 2nd house happens to be malefic, the marriage is delayed and/ or also denied. In some cases 2nd marriage is also indicated and Mars in Taurus. Virgo, Capricorn is capable of causing separation. Mercury in 2nd house can give wealth through wife but also speak of more than one wife. Afflicted Jupiter in 2nd house gives late marriage. Venus in 2nd house gives working wife and in most cases luck favors’ after marriage. In few cases chances of 2nd wife are also indicated. Saturn in the 2nd house gives romance/ love in a foreign land and sensual life and Saturn of Libra and Aquarius denotes two marriages depending on totality of the Horoscope. Ketu keeps the natives agitated always.

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