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Horary or Prashna Astrology

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Horary is the branch of astrology which deals with answering questions. The astrologer can make predictions from these questions by judging a horoscope for the moment the question is asked.

Most questions can be answered with a simple yes or no.

The Querent

The person asking the question is referred to as the querent.

The Quesited

The person or thing asked about is referred to as the quesited.

The Significators

The significators are the planets ruling the querent and the quesited.

Houses in horary astrology:

First House

Represents the person asking the question.

Second House

This house deals with the querent’s movable possessions and anything they own. It concerns their money and whether they will become rich or not.

Third House

All forms of communication, whether by letter, by postal delivery, telephone or fax, or the Internet. It was believed to be the house that dealt with rumours and gossip. It has rulership over brothers and sisters and all siblings.

Fourth House

Property, buildings, houses and homes and the land. It governs the father and family background.

Fifth House

Creativity and the talents of the querent, children, lovers, casual affairs, sports and competition.

Sixth House

Sickness and ill health, medicines, employees, people who render a service or do work for you. The police and army. It is believed to describe working condition and part time work.

Seventh House

Marriage and committed relationships, business partnerships, contracts with another, open enemies, the other.

Eighth House

Debts, other peoples’ money, sex, death.

Ninth House

Foreign travel and foreigners, visas and legal documents dealing with foreign countries. Higher education, studying at university or some other kind of college. Exams. Astrology. Religion and philosophy.

Tenth House

Profession or career, one’s public standing or reputation. The Judge in a court, Kings queens and monarchs. Success and winning a game of court battle.

Eleventh House

Friends and acquaintances, large groups of people, associations.

Twelfth House

All secret hidden matters, secret enemies, prisons, hospitals and institutions.

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