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Ear Problems in Astrology

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Ears astrology:

The 11th house stand for left ear and the 3rd house stand for right ear.

Placement of malefics i.e. Mandi, Mars, Rahu, Saturn, Ketu and afflicted Mercury becomes responsible for ear trouble specially when placed in the 3rd/11th house.

When Moon, Mars and Mercury join together either in 3rd or in 11th and Ketu is in 7th from them, Mastoiditis occurs and surgical intervention becomes necessary.

When Mercury is with the Sun (in close degrees i.e. in Combest position) in the 3rd or 11th and if Mars or Saturn are placed in 7th from them, diseases of internal part occurs and medical surgery becomes inevitable.

Jupiter is karaka for all troubles and diseases concerning ears.

I am giving below some of the combinations for diseases connecting ears :—

Mars or Rahu with malefic in third house.

Venus and Mars, afflicted in second and twelfth houses,.

A Malefic in third house aspected by another malefic.

Third lord in any house heavily afflicted.

malefics in third, fifth, ninth and eleventh houses without benefic aspect.

Moon in the seventh house with a malefic devoid of benefic aspect and second or third house afflicted.

Having born at night with Mercury in sixth house and Venus in tenth house, the auditory sense of the right ear is lost to the Jataka who also hears through difficulty.

Seventh lord in lagna together with Mars, and second or third house afflicted.

Second lord in lagna with Mars or Saturn.

Mercury and Jupiter are considered to be a natural karaka planet for hearing power. Let’s discuss about ear related problems according to planetary placement in a kundali’s different houses.

When Venus and Mercury are situated in the twelfth house of a horoscope, then the native has to suffer from the problems in the right ear.

When a malefic planet is situated in the third, fifth, ninth and eleventh house without being aspected by any benefic planet, then the native suffers from ear related problems.

When the Mercury is situated in the sixth, eighth, and twelfth house from the house where Saturn is placed.

When the lord of the third house, fourth house and sixth house are situated in the Aquarius sign.

When Aquarius sign in the ascendant with Venus and Mars is situated with Saturn in the sixth house.

When Venus in the horoscope is situated in the ascendant with Taurus or Sagittarius sign and afflicted Moon aspects Venus.

When the lord of the sixth house and Mercury are situated together in the sixth house and aspected by Saturn.

If a person is born at night with Venus in the fifth house and Mercury in the sixth house then also native gets problems related to ear.

When Mercury and the lord of eighth house are together situated in the fourth house and Saturn is in the ascendant then the native gets problems in the internal area of the ear.

When Moon, Mercury and Mars are on the axis of Rahu/Ketu and forming relation with the third and eleventh house of the horoscope.

When debilitated Venus is situated with Rahu in the third or eleventh house of the horoscope.

When Mercury is situated in the third house within 10 degree or in the sixth house or eleventh house. Also, if it is aspected by Mars and Saturn.

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