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Divorce Problem Solution in Astrology

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

divorce in astrology :

The Natural malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Katu are the agents of Divorce. Sun acts as a catalyst in divorce creates a conflicts but if associated with ascendant or 7th house specially when Sun is in enemy sign and under malefic influences can give divorce. The houses 2nd, 4th, 5th 7th 8th, 11th and 12th are concerned with marital affairs

Venus position in gandmool nakshara or in Rahu nakshatra or in Sun nakshatra also add fuel to this

2nd and 8th house also important for marriage if they are under malefic influencs can lead to divorce. Planets occupying the 8th house suggests involvement of secret matters, extramarital and sexual relationships

Major opportunities for divorce are bhukti period of Ketu, karaka for disconnection, disorientation, lord of the 12th from ascendant or Moon may also cause separation. 12th from ascendant gives loss or detachment. 6th house lord and planet influencing 6th house may also give.

Out the nine planets five of them are either malefic or seprative planets. Sun/Surya, Mars/Mangal, Saturn/Sani and Rahu & Ketu are the seprative planets.

Surya gives divorce when either it is placed in lagna or seventh house. Now here an important point to be noted which many astrologers tend to ignore is that when Surya is in shatru or enemy rashi/sign than only it gives divorce else it only creates a conflict and verbal words may be spoken about divorce. But divorce in such cases is rare.

Mangal & Ketu are seprative planets and in majority cases it gives divorce. Ketu works like Mangal. But it only does not give divorce if it is associated with its own rashi/sign.

Sani & Rahu are the most dangerous planets for divorces. When Sani/Rahu has any association with the 7th house it always gives divorce, except in those cases when it is in association with its own house

When Venus is situated in the unfavourable condition from ascendant and Moon.

When the lord of the fourth house is situated in the sixth house or vice versa then the divorce is likely to take place through legal procedures.

When the lord of the twelfth house conjucts the lord of the fourth house and the fourth house is situated in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house.

When the lord f the seventh house and Venus are influenced by the effects of Saturn, Sun and Rahu.

When the lord of the seventh house conjucts the lord of the twelfth house in the seventh or twelfth house.

When the lord of the seventh house and the lord of the twelfth house change signs, especially when one of them change signs with Rahu.

Lord of the seventh house and the lord of the twelfth house are situated in the tenth house with Rahu/ketu.

Mars or Saturn signs are in the birth ascendant, Venus is the the ascendant and Sun, Saturn or Rahu are situated in the seventh house.

Rahu is situated in the ascendant with Saturn or Venus, while the Sun, Rahu, Saturn and the lord of the twelfth house are situated in the fourth house.

When Venus is situated in the Ardra, Mool, Krittika or Jyeshta nakshatra.

Rahu or Saturn is in the ascendant or seventh house, and the fourth house is afflicted.

Malefic planet is situated in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house and fourth house is afflicted.

The lord of the sixth house become the planet of separation and it is situated in the fourth, seventh or twelfth house.

Sometimes couples take mutual divorce and in some cases couples prefer filing court case against each other that lasts for years. Let’s take a look at some yogas that cause such situations.

The lord of the sixth house is retrograde in the horoscope.

The lord of the eighth house aspects the sixth house.

The retrograde planet (Venus) aspects the eighth house.

Bad 8th house gives many issues with external parties like in-laws, distance relationship after marriage etc…. Now 12th house, this house gives & knows for bed pleasure. If this house is not balance, then those couples will not satisfy each-other demands.

Bad Rahu have only one problem in 7th/8th house. It gives interest in many women and these type people run for beauty.

Mars : Planet of energy, argues and heat in nature. If this planet placed in 7th/8th house then cause of delay and divorce in marriage, except if it placed with Jupiter or in sign of Jupiter or very strong Venus in the chart.

Phaladeepika’ says: If Venus or 7th lord is hemmed between malefics, or conjunct with malefics oraspected by malefics, it is a sign of losing the partner

Marital disorder may occur seeking separation when Venus is found in Kritika, Moola, Aridra or Jyeshtha Nakshatras. Out of these Kritika is most inauspicious and gives very bad results

When 7th lord is in 6th and afflicted by separative influence, there may be separation. Similarly, when7th lord or significator joins the 6th lord and is afflicted by aspect or conjunction of malefics, similarresults are likely. When strong Jupiter makes a link with the above combinations in any form, theseparation may be saved but the husband and wife will experience quarrels

6th house denotes legal disputes and connection of malefic 6th lord with 7th house, 7th lord orsignificator may result in legal action and separation. Also when 7th lord or significator joins 6th housebeing afflicted by malefics

When Rahu and Saturn join Lagna, one is likely to face strife and separation in married life. When 7thlord is retrograde and is also afflicted, similar results are experienced

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