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Debt Problem in Astrology

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Following combinations leads to debts and loans situation in vedic astrology. Please read the points carefully to find your combination of planets in your horoscope in case you are also dealing with such a situation. Once the correct diagnose is done then we can easily choose the remedy which will work for you to be free from debts and loans.

As 6th house is a dusthana, it needs to be weaker in the chart for good results. Hence a strong 6th house will lead to debts and loans. An exalted 6th lord, in a good position in horoscope, vargottama, etc. are all such indications of a strong planet. Such a planet should not be associated with 11th and 2nd house in the kundali at all, because it does not allow for wealth accumulation due to loans. The entire money that a person earns goes in servicing these loans. These are daridra or nirdhana (i.e. poverty) yogas. 6th and 12th house lord in a horoscope should not be stronger than 2nd and 11th houses and should not be associated with them. The monetary kind of debt is shown by the ascendant lord being placed in the sixth house itself or in conjunction with or an aspect by the 6th lord. This we may call as an affliction to the ascendant lord and the severity is revealed by the intensity of malefic aspect on him. There is a combination called as the Daridra yoga or yoga for poverty. This happens when the Lord of the 11th house is placed in 6th 8th or 12th houses from the ascendant. Such a native will collect huge debts, will be very poor, will be mean and commit sinful deeds. There is another one called KEMADRUMA yoga. In this the Moon stands alone in the horoscope without any of the other six planets (nodes are not counted for this) on either side of it and there is none in any quadrant from Moon. Such a native suffers from poverty and ill fame. 6th house is one of the malefic houses and placement of any planet in this house is considered bad yoga except Trik houses lords as they form Vipreet Rajayoga if placed in Trik houses. For 6th house lord it is better to be in Trik houses only and it needs to be weaker for good results. As strong 6th house may lead to loans and debts. More malefic influence over 12th house my lead to increase in expenses which native unable to bear and may result in increasing debt. Afflicted 2nd house/lord or Venus also responsible for debt as native not able to make wealth gains. Now come on planets responsible for debt. It is Mars which is the karak planet of 6th house alone enough to put the native in debt. If it is connected with Rahu situation might be serious as both might put you under huge financial debt and can make the native bankrupt. If both have connection with Saturn then native might not be able to come out of debt or remain in debt for long. Ketu connection with 2nd and 6th houses may also put native into debt. If the 12th house is generating malefic impacts i.e. if suppose any debilitated planet is present in expenses place then person may take loan or borrow money because of that planet and chances of increasing debt at the time of mahadasha or antardasha of that planet. The monetary kind of debt is shown by the ascendant lord being placed in the sixth house itself or in conjunction with or an aspect by the 6th lord. Saturn/Shani and Rahu affect the 12th, 2nd, or 6th houses then one may need to take a loan due to some compulsion or some sort of dire need. If we want to check on which thing the native will take loan we need to look at the placement of the 6th lord in the horoscope. The placement of the 6th lord in 10th house indicates that the native will take loan for profession. It can be business loan. The native can take the loan, bank credit facility for promoting business activities, working capital and purchase of machinery. The placement of 6th lord in 4th house indicates that the native can take personal loan for his house. It also means that the native may take a home loan. If aspect or conjoined is with Saturn the native can borrow money to purchase land. If conjoined or aspect with Mars the native would borrow money to buy flat and if with Venus the native may take loan for purchase of vehicle like a Car loan. 6th lord conjoined with 9th and 12th house indicates native taking debt /loan due to education in a distant place. It could also be education loan for studying overseas. The 6th house lord getting stronger by staying in its own house or getting exalted or staying in its friendly house.Always 6th house lord should not be stronger. for more details on: debts and loans problems, debts and loan in astrology , debts in astrology, debts problems astrology, loans problem astrology, money problem astrology, finance problem astrology etc Get in Touch

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