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For attaining desires Shree durga saptshati yantra

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Shree durga saptshati yantra

This Yantra is an instrument or talisman that is made usually in copper. It is a way to attain your desires and achieve all your wishes. It is believed that the Deities resides in the yantras and by worshipping them with puja, it will diminish the malefic effects caused by planets and increase the positive forces. There are guidelines also to consider when using yantra. First is to clean your body with a peaceful mind. Find a place facing east. Light the incense and offer fresh fruits and flowers on the altar. Open the yantra and place it among the deity of yantra. Get water from any leaf and sprinkle it on yourself then to the yantra. Purify your soul and with a great devotion to God.

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