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For afflicted sun Surya yantra

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Surya yantra

Sun has been given special significance in vedic astrology. It is considered to be the most powerful planet among all nine planets. It is also known as the Karaka of soul,Atma Karakaâ. All the other eight planets revolve around the Sun itself. According to the astrology, every individual on this earth is affected by the movement of signs, nakshatras and planets. Since Sun is the chief of all the planets, people affected by it are aggressive, short-tempered, proud, and self-respecting. An afflicted Sun makes the individual arrogant and short tempered. He has a tendency to flare up on small issues and is always ready to fight. An inauspicious Sun makes the person harsh and hard hearted. He doesn’t have sense of sympathy and cannot empathise with anyone. Sun affects eyes, heart and bones. Spiritual strength, patience, health are factors governing the Sun. A weak Sun gives weakness, mental disturbance, heart disease and eye diseases. In such situations, worshipping a Sun yantra with devotion, faith and proper rituals increases auspiciousness of the Sun.

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