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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

If the sun is in libra at birth, the native will face frustration, destruction and heavy expenditure, will be intent on living in foreign places , be wicked, mean, be devoid of affection, will live by selling gold and other metals, be jealous, fond of doing others’ jobs, will co-habit with others’ wives, be dirty, will incur royal contempt and be shameless.They love to share ideas and figure out a balanced approach to everything. They love their material possessions. They like aesthetically pleasing things and will work hard to acquire such items. They enjoy a comfortable home with a lovely atmosphere. They love a good party and will find any excuse to throw one for friends, family and loved ones. The one thing that makes them such a good host is their desire to make sure everyone has a good time. They are always concerned with everyone else’s enjoyment. They need peace and a calm environment to prosper, and they will do everything in their power to create it.The only downside to their love for socializing is that they are not often good with money and are spendthrifts. As long as they are surrounded by good friends and a loving family they are satisfied.

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