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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

One who has the sun in capricorn will be base, interested in bad women, be greedy, will advance with mean jobs, be endowed with various deeds, be timid, devoid of relatives, fickle-minded, fond of wandering, weak, will lose everything due to conflicts with his relatives and will be a voracious eater. These people know how to do things, and to get things done. They are very much concerned with things that are worthwhile and that includes their own lives. They have a strong sense of society and its framework, and they feel most secure when they feel they are doing their part within that framework. They make their way steadily and sure-footedly, and their strength and singleness of purpose are admirable. They are generally very capable people with a strong sense of tradition and responsibility. They’ll have practical advice, and they’ll help you organize and manage your life a little better.

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