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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

If the sun is in aquarius at birth, one will suffer from heart diseases, will have enormous strength and courage, be very short-tempered, be fortunate through other housewives, be hated by the learned, be firm in his activities, be miserable, will have little wealth, be fraudulent, be not firm in friendship, will have dirty body and be a miser. Often it seems that people do not understand their ideas. Indeed, it is difficult to say whether they are really obsessed with the new idea of reform, or they are just making evil jokes and pranks. They have a lot of ideas but lack the strength and seriousness to fight for them consistently. They are always looking for something, but not systematically, and very impulsive, their inventions are not the result of a long and laborious work and observations, but are mostly an instant enlightenment. They question and criticize everything, but do not react on the criticism personally. They have a highly developed intelligence and they communicate friendly with everyone. They have the ability to discover talents. They need some unusual work with the original ideas, they are quickly changing. They can adjust to any job, quickly orient themselves in any unfamiliar place. You are a very freedom-loving person. And you have a strong will.Estimating, you rely only on your own mind and you have a strong desire to build your life in your own way, even if it means breaking the conventional rules and traditions. In personal relationships you are not able to give yourself fully to someone. You have an inherent large-scale thinking, a serious concern about what goes beyond your personal sphere: the life of your city, country and even the planet. Perhaps you will become engaged in some municipal affairs, the affairs of civil society organizations, groups, and show a keen interest in their activities.

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