The second house rules the tongue and Jupiter governs all tongue diseases and defect in speech. Brisha rasi is the seat of tongue in natural zodiac. When Brisha rasi, second house, lord of second house and Jupiter, all are afflicted and in some way related with disease inflicting house or planet, they produce disorder, defect and diseases connecting tongue and speech. Malefic in second house without benefic influence always harms towards speech and power of talking. Generally, when Ketu is in second house in an adverse condition, one stammers ; afflicted Rahu in second house makes one speak too much ; afflicted Sun or Mars in second house makes one speak harsh and with heavy sounds. When afflicted Saturn be there one stammers, speaks late in life etc. Watery signs are sound-less and hence when Karkata, Brishcika or Meena be second house being afflicted, one speaks very little or even becomes dumb.

Speech problems astrology

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