Lord Shiva represents the aspect of the Supreme Being and is considered to be the destroyer of evil and sorrow. He is the source of fertility in all living beings. He has gentle as well as fierce forms. Shiva is the greatest of renouncers as well as the ideal lover. He destroyes evil and protects good. He bestows prosperity on worshipers although he is austere. He is omnipresent and resides in everyone as pure consciousness.
Lord Shiva is the Lord of mercy and compassion. He protects devotees from evil forces such as lust, greed, and anger. He grants boons, bestows grace and awakens wisdom in His devotees.
Rudra Abhishekam is performed by learned purohits and the abhishekam is done with the Rudraksh beads and is done for the fullfilment of our desires.


For fulfillment of our desires Rudra abhishekam puja

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