jail yoga :

There is combination of plants Sun & Rahu. In this yoga if Sun is in sixth house with Rahu or Rahu is in 12th house & aspects Sun. When Sun is placed in 12th house than either with Rahu in 12th house or aspects Sun from 6th house. This yoga makes a person to have food & shelter from government funds.

 malefic, planets situated in the 12th, the 2nd, the 5th and the 12th indicate bandhana i.e. confinement.

Equal number of planets situated in the 2nd and the 12th or in the 5th and the 9th or in the 6th and the 12th or in the 3rd and the 11th or in the 4th and 10th give rise to Bandhana yoga.

Jail in astrology or Bandhana yoga

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