Health Consultancy

According to a prevalent proverb" if money has lost nothing lost but if health has gone everything has gone ". In today's world everybody wants good health because without good health nobody can enjoy his life. To enjoy every aspect of life, everybody needs good health. Many time we seen many richest people depends on boiled food because of their sickness and bad health. They have all stuffs of life but they spend their lives miserably due to their diseases. Sometimes because of some long disease, life becomes miserable or danger than death.

Body is full of various diseases but we got these diseases because of out nature & behavior. You can get knowledge of these diseases through your horoscope. Below given some points can be study through your horoscope.

  • What is the strength of the horoscope on financial front?

  • Is there any indication of serious disease in your horoscope?

  • Don't you have good health in future?

  • Do you have any health-related problem?

  • Is present circumstances indicated bad health?

  • Will future Dash & Anter-Dasha harm your health?

  • Is any disease develops internally in your body?

  • Which kind of physical problem effects your body?

  • Will any accident occur in future?

  • If any problem is there, then what kind of problem? & their solutions with remedies 

Health astrology

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