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Updated: Aug 19, 2020


1-2. Maitreya said. O Venerable Sage! I have been fully enlightened by the auspicious and inauspicious effects, described by you with reference to the Janm Lagna in a females horoscope. Now I request you to favour me with knowledge of auspicious and inauspicious effects with reference to the characteristic features of the various parts of a womans body. Maharsi Parasara replied. O Brahmin! Now I will tell you what Lord Shiva narrated to Goddess Parvati in this regard. 3-4. A woman, whose soles are even, smooth, soft, well developed, warm and shining in pink colour, without much perspiration, will be enjoying full happiness, befitting her sex. The one, whose soles are without pink colour, hard, dry, coarse, uneven, shaped, like a winnowing basket and bereft of flesh, will suffer misery. 5-6. The woman, who has marks of conch, Swastika, Chakra, lotus, flag, fish, umbrella and a long line, rising upwards in her soles, becomes a queen and enjoys great happiness and comforts. The one, who possesses marks, like those of snake, rat and crow, is bereft of wealth and suffers misery.

  1. The girl, whose nails of toes are shining in pink colour, smooth, raised and round, enjoys great happiness and comforts. Blackish and torn nails denotes misery.

  2. Raised, full, well developed, smooth and round great toe indicates happiness. The one, which is small, irregular in shape and flat, denotes misery.

  3. The womans toes, which are soft, thick, round and well developed are considered auspicious. If the toes are long, she will be of loose morals. Thin toes indicate poverty. 10-16. Other effects about the toes are, as under. Short – short life. Short and long and irregular in shape – procurer and guileful. Flat – maid-servant. Spaced more than average – bereft of wealth. Toes, overlapping one over the other – widow and dependent on others. If dust is thrown up, when she walks – unchaste and brings defame to all the three families (her fathers, mothers and husbands). If the smallest toe does not touch the ground – she will destroy her husband and marry another; If the middle toe and the one next to it does not touch the ground – widow. First toe (next to great toe) longer than the great toe – she will develop illicit connection with a man before marriage and will be of loose morals.

  4. If the back of the feet of a woman is raised, without perspiration, soft and smooth, she will become a queen. If the indications are contrary, she will be poverty-stricken. She will be fond of travelling, if the back part of the feet be veined. Hair on that portion of feet denote, that she will be a maid servant. If the feet be bony, or without flesh, she will have a defective sexual organ.

  5. If the heels are even, the woman concerned will have a well formed and desirable sexual organ. If the heels be stout, she will have a defective sexual organ. If the heels be high, she will be unchaste. Long heels indicate misery.

  6. Legs (portion below knees). Even, smooth, evenly shaped, round, without hair, good looking and without veins showing up are Rasis, that the woman will be a queen.

  7. Round, smooth, firm knees are auspicious indications. If the knees be bony, the woman concerned will be of loose moral character. If the knees be loose, she will be poverty-stricken.

  8. If the thighs are round, like the trunk of an elephant, close to each other, soft and without hair, the woman concerned will be a queen. If the thighs are flat and hairy, she will be poverty-stricken and a widow. 22-23. Waist. Circumference equal to the width of 24 fingers with well developed hips indicate, that the woman will be fortunate. A waist, which is flat, long, without flesh, caved in, or hairy, forebodes widowhood and misery.

  9. Raised, fleshy and widespread hips in a woman are auspicious in effects. If they are contrary, they indicate inauspiciousness. 25-27. Sexual organ. Hidden clitoris, pink-coloured, curved, like the back of a tortoise, soft, hairy, shaped, like the leaf of a Pipal tree and smooth is highly auspicious. If shaped, like the feet of a deer, or opening of an oven with hard hair and with raised clitoris, it indicates evil. If the left side of the sexual organ of a woman is raised, she will beget more female children and, if the right side is raised, more boys. If the organ is shaped, like a conch, she will be barren.

  10. Portion below the navel. A soft, spread out and slightly raised Vasti is auspicious. Hairy, veins, showing up and full of lines (folds, or wrinkles) indicates inauspiciousness.

  11. A navel deep with right turns is productive of good effects. The navel raised, with left turns and with knots is inauspicious. 30-31. A stomach well spread indicates a well formed sexual organ and many sons. If the stomach of a woman resembles that of a frog, her son will become a king. If a woman has a raised stomach she will be childless. If the stomach is wrinkled, she will become an ascetic. If it has circular folds, she will become a maid-servant.

  12. If the portion, covering the ribs, is even, well developed and soft, auspicious effects may be expected. It will be inauspicious, if it is raised, hairy and full of veins.

  13. The chest of a woman, which is even and hairless is auspicious. Wide spread and hairy chest is inauspicious. 34-36. The breasts of a woman signify good luck, if they are of equal size, fleshy, round and firm, but close together. They are unlucky, if they are thick in front, are not close together and without flesh. Raised right breast indicates, that she will have sons. Raised left breast indicates, that she will have daughters. If the portion, surrounding the nipples, is round, good-looking and blackish, she will enjoy good luck. Pressed in and unusually small breasts indicate bad luck.

  14. Shoulders. Even, well built up and without joints showing up are Rasis of good luck. Raised, hairy and without flesh are unlucky.

  15. The armpits, if soft, with thin hair, well developed and smooth are auspicious. Those, which are deep, without flesh, perspiring and with veins, showing up are inauspicious. 39-40. Arms, in which the bones do not show up and which are soft jointed, hairless without obvious veins, straight and round are auspicious. Those without flesh, hairy, small, with obvious veins and irregular in shape are inauspicious.

  16. If the thumbs of the woman are shaped, like a lotus bud, they are auspicious. If they are without flesh and irregular in shape, they are inauspicious. 42-43. If the palms of the woman are pink-coloured, raised in the middle, with fingers close together (with no holes between them), soft and have very few lines, she enjoys happiness and all comforts. If the palms are full of lines, she will become a widow. If there are no lines, she will be poverty-stricken. If the veins show up in the palms, she will live on alms.

  17. If the backs of the hands of a woman are well built, soft and hairless, she will enjoy auspicious effects. It will be otherwise, if the backs of the hands are with veins, showing up, deep and hairy. 45-47. Lines on the palm. A woman enjoys happiness and all comforts, if there is a clearly marked, pink-coloured, circular, smooth, full and deep line (perhaps line of life is meant). If there is mark of a fish, she will be very lucky. She will be wealthy with mark of Swastika. She will be a queen with mark of a lotus. She will be the mother of a king, if she has marks of conch, umbrella and tortoise. 48-50. The woman, who has lines, forming the shapes of a balance, elephant, bull, or horse, becomes the wife of a businessman. The woman, who has lines, forming the shape of a house, or Vajra is lucky and gives birth to a son, who becomes learned in Shastras. The woman, who has lines, forming the shapes of a chariot, a plough, or a yoke, becomes the wife of a farmer. She will become a queen, if she has lines, forming the shape of Chamar, Ankush, trident, sword, mace, Shakti, or trumpet. 51-52. If in the palm of a woman there is a line, which, starting from the root of the thumb goes up to the root of the little finger, she becomes a widow. If there are lines, forming the shape of a crow, a frog, a jackal, a wolf, a scorpion, a snake, a donkey, a camel and a cat, the woman concerned suffers misery. 53-54. If the fingers of a woman are tender with good-looking phalanges, tapering at the end and without hair, they are considered auspicious. If they are very small, without flesh, irregular, widely spaced, with hair and with more than usual phalanges, or without phalanges, they indicate misery.

  18. If the nails of the fingers are pink-coloured, raised and shaped well at the top, they are auspicious. Depressed, dirty-looking, or yellow, or white-coloured nails, or nails with spots are inauspicious.

  19. If the back of the woman is fleshy and well developed with flesh, it is auspicious. The back with hair, irregular in built and with veins showing up is inauspicious. 57-58. The neck of a woman with three lines (folds), with bones not obvious, round, well developed and tender is auspicious. A thick necked woman becomes a widow. An irregularly built neck indicates, that the woman concerned will become a maid-servant. Flat necked woman will be barren. A woman with a small neck is childless.

  20. A straight, well developed, somewhat raised throat is auspicious. One without flesh, with veins obvious, with hair and irregular in built is inauspicious.

  21. Pink-coloured, tender and firm chin is auspicious. A broad chin with hair and clefts is unlucky.

  22. Raised, firm and round cheeks are auspitious. The ones, which are hard-skinned, depressed and without flesh are indicative of misfortune.

  23. If the mouth of a woman is of normal size, firm, round, emitting fragrance, smooth and good-looking, it is indicative of good luck. If otherwise, it will be inauspicious. 63-65. If the lower lip of a woman is red, like a lotus, smooth, divided in the middle and good looking, she becomes a queen. If it be without flesh, coarse, long, dry and blackish, it is indicative of misery and widowhood. If the upper lip of a woman is pink-coloured, smooth and slightly raised in the middle, it is indicative of happiness and good fortune. If otherwise, it will be inauspicious. 66-67. A woman, whose teeth are smooth, milk white, 32 in number and whose upper and lower teeth, though equal in size, are slightly raised, will be lucky. If lower teeth are more in number, are yellow, or black-coloured, fierce looking, widely spaced and double, they are indicative of misfortune. 68-69. If the tongue of a woman is red and soft, she enjoys great happiness and comforts. Caved in the middle and spread out in front indicates misery. White tongue indicates death in water. Dark tongue indicates quarrelsome nature. Thick tongue denotes poverty. Long tongue denotes one, who is omnivorous. Long and broad tongue denotes lunacy. 70-71. Palate red, like lotus, soft and smooth – good luck, white – widowhood, yellow – ascetism, black – barrenness, dry – large family.

  24. When a woman laughs, if her cheeks are raised and teeth are not visible, she will be lucky. If it is otherwise, she will not be lucky. 73-74. If the nose of a woman is evenly round and has small nostrils, it is auspicious. If the nose is thick in its front part and flat in the middle, it is inauspicious. If the tip of the nose is red, or shrunken, widowhood is indicated. Flat nose indicates engagement in a menial job. Too small, or too large nose denotes quarrelsome nature. 75-77. Black pupils with cows milk like white portion of the eye, large and broad, smooth, with black eyelashes are lucky Rasis. Raised eyes show short life. Round eyes denote loose moral character. Honey-coloured eyes indicate good fortune and happiness. The eyes, like those of a pigeon, indicate wickedness. Eyes, like those of an elephant, indicate misery. If the left eye is blind, adulterous tendency will manifest. Blindness of the right eye indicates barrenness.

  25. A woman with soft, black, compact eyelashes with thin hair is fortunate. Eyelashes thick, scattered and with tawny-coloured hair indicate misery.

  26. If the eyebrows of a woman are round, shaped, like a bow, smooth, black, not joined and with soft hair, she is blessed with happiness and fame.

  27. Ears of a woman long with a round turn indicate children and happiness. Small, unevenly shaped, very thin, with veins, showing up, cause her misery. 81-82. The forehead of a woman without veins, showing through, without hair, shaped, like a half-moon, even, with equal to three fingers are Rasis of a fortunate woman, blessed with husband and children. Rasi of Swastika on the forehead denotes a queen. Very long, highly raised and hairy forehead causes misery. 83. Head of a woman high and round, like that of an elephant, is indicative of happiness. A head, which is spread out, flat, big and uneven, indicates misery. 84-85. The hair of a woman are indicative of good fortune. If they are soft, black, long, thin and yellow, they indicate misfortune. But honey-coloured hair of a fair complexioned woman and black hair of a dark complexioned woman are also considered auspicious. Most of the characteristic features, described in this chapter, apply to men also.

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