Vipareeta Raja Yoga is said to occur when a planet which is the lord of a Dusthana house i.e. the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, positions itself in any other Dusthana house; this planetary combination leads to the formation of Vipareeta Raja Yoga in a Rashi. Vipareeta stands for the upturned, reversed or converse. The Yoga with the same name makes a similar positive impact on its native. The presence of this auspicious Vipareeta Raja Yoga in a person's Rashi results in making the native getting an unpredicted positive ascend in life as a result of an unlucky and fateful happening or an incident. The person will also earn fortune through various sources. The person under the influence of this Yoga will also develop the ability to grab and utilize the chances that comes his way. The person will grow in life inspirationally and suddenly. The native will have a royal look, will possess commanding abilities, and will be memorized for his achievements and feats. Though, the native will always be devoid from mental peace.

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