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Updated: Dec 23, 2021

VESI YOGA Vesi Yoga is said to occur when all the planets exclusive of the Moon, position themselves in the second house from the Sun; this planetary combination leads to the formation of Vesi Yoga in a Rashi. The impact of Vesi Yoga on a person depends on the nature of planets positioned in the second house from the Sun, i.e. whether they are benefic planets or malefic planets. In case of benefic planets, the presence of Vesi Yoga in a person’s Rashi is called as Subhavesi, and it will result in making the native rich and fortunate with luck in his favor. The native will also be joyful, happy, righteous, honorable, unbiased, generous, lazy, noble and renowned in society. The person under the impact will also be cross eyed, have tall appearance, a balanced frame of mind and good remembrance power. On the health front, the native will have an average wellbeing. When the malefic planets are in the second house from the Sun, the Yoga is called as Papavesi, which brings in the opposite impact what a Subhavesi brings to its native.

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