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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN UTTARA PHAGUNI NAKSHATRA Spread from 26:40 Simha to 10: degree Kanya. The lords are Ravi and Budha, symbol is a bed. Poorva Falguni and Uttar Falguni are pair together. Its attributes are much the same as those of Poorva Falguni. The only difference is that generosity, kindness, patronage and an eagerness to help the distressed, to help friends and intimates and those who seek help are more pronounced in this star.

Male Natives

  1. Physical features: He normally has a tall and fat figure. He has a large countenance with a long nose. A black mole can be seen on the right side of his neck. 2. Character and general events: The native enjoys a happy existence. He is lucky in several aspects. He has a pleasing behavior. He shows extreme sincerity in all the work he undertakes. Prominent religious inclinations also characterize him. He enjoys a good reputation for his social work. While he is clean hearted, he is hot tempered also. He does not have the requisite patience or tolerance. Once he boils in rage it will be very difficult to calm him down. Later on, he is left repenting over such outbursts when it is actually too late. However, he will not admit his fault at any cost. Even if he is convinced that he has done a wrong thing he will not admit the fact. He is blessed with good reasoning skills and is tactful. 3. Education, sources of earnings/profession: He has an independent nature. However, he undertakes all the responsibilities and does the same in a perfect manner. He does not like to deceive others or vice-a-versa. He can shine well in a profession or work where public contact is required owing to the inherent quality of behavioral techniques. His public dealings earn him a hefty sum in the form of commission. He is not sincere in his own affairs but on the contrary he is far more sincere when it comes to the work of others. Once he takes a decision nobody can change it. Since he is a born hard-worker, he can reach a good position using his labor. He is well-suited for the profession of a teacher, writer or research fellow in the scientific field. In some cases it has been noticed that he churns out extra money out of tuitions. Period up to 32 years of age will be a period of complete darkness. Thereafter, a slight upward trend commences up to the age of 38. From his 38th age onwards, his progress is much faster as he achieves many of his desires. His life sails smoothly up to the age of 62 years. He will be lucky enough to earn fame and wealth during his fifties. He has only self acquired assets. He is good in mathematics or engineering, astronomy and astrology. He can also be successful in advertising business. 4. Family life: His married life will be more or less good. He is quite content with his family life. His wife will be the most efficient lady one can dream of. 5. Health: His health will be generally good. However, he is prone to body aches, dental problems, gastric troubles, and liver and intestine problems.

  2. Female Natives

  3. Females born in this Nakshatra will also enjoy more or less the same results as mentioned in the case of male natives born in this Nakshatra, in addition to the following results: 1. Physical features: She has a medium height, soft body, medium complexion, and a little bigger nose. A peculiar identification mark in the form of a black mole on the face has been noticed in this native. 2. Character and general events: She will have a very calm and simple nature. She does not hold back enmity for long. She is principled and always joyful. 3. Education, sources of earning/profession: She has an inherent mathematical aptitude or scientific background. Hence, she is an apt fit for the profession of a teacher, lecturer or in an administrative field. She may also be associated with sanitary department or hospitals. She may also earn money as a model or as an actress. 4. Family life: She can derive happiness from her husband and children. She is very clever in managing domestic work. Her husband will be moderately wealthy. She must curb the tendency of pomp and show as she is likely to become the victim of jealous glances from the neighbors who may create unexpected problems in her family life in alliance with her in-laws. 5. Health: Generally, she does enjoy good health. However, possible diseases for this native are Asthma of mild nature, menstrual trouble, and severe headache.

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