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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN UTTARA-BHADRAPADA NAKSHATRA Uttarbhadrapada Nakshatra: Spread from after 3:20′ up to 16:40 in Meen. Lord Guru, deity Ohibridna, symbol the last i.e. funeral bed. The Star is adorned with serpent-like symbol. It looks like rice, its properties and attributes are like those of Adra, some attributes of Purvabhadrapada also are found Male Natives

  1. Physical features: He is the most attractive and innocent looking person one can ever find. There is an inherent magnetic attraction in his looks. If he looks at a person with a mild smile, be assured that the person will be his slave. 2. Character and general events: He keeps an equal relationship with all kind of people i.e., irrespective of their status. He has a spotless heart. He does not like giving troubles to others. The only drawback noticed in this native in the behavioral field is that temper is always perching on the tip of his nose. However, such short-temper is not of a permanent nature. He will not hesitate to sacrifice even his life for those who love him. At the same time once he is hurt he will become a lion. He has wisdom, knowledge, and personality. He is an expert in delivering attractive speeches. He is capable of vanquishing his enemies and attains a fairly high position in the society. He is always sexually inclined and secretly desires of being in the company of other sex. 3. Education, sources of earning/profession: He can attain mastery over several subjects at the same time. Even if he is not academically much educated, his expression and knowledge presented to the world is equal to that of any highly educated person. He is much interested in fine arts and has the ability to write prolonged articles or books. In the work field, he can shine well due to his extraordinary capacity and capability. Laziness is a remote question for him. Once he opts to undertake a job he cannot turn back till that job is completed. Even in the case of utter failure he is not desperate. If he is employed he will surely reach the topmost position. In most of the cases it has been noticed that even if this Nakshatra born native is employed initially in the lower or middle level positions, later on, he reaches a good position and always receives rewards and praises from others. It has been noticed that his stability in life or even the slightest upward movement begins after his marriage. He starts his livelihood at a very young age say at 18 or 19 years of age. He will see important changes in his professional field when he is 19, 21, 28, 30, 35 and 42 years of age. 4. Family life: While he keeps praising his father on one hand due to the prominent personality and religious rigidity of his father, he cannot virtually derive any benefit from his father. He leads a neglected childhood. He is normally subjected to a life away from his home town. His married life will be full of happiness. He will be blessed to have the most suitable wife. His children also will be an asset, most obedient, understanding and respecting. He will be blessed with grandchildren also. He is a valuable ornament for his family. 5. Health: His health will be very good. He is careless about his own health. Hence, he will search for a doctor only when he is seriously ill. He is prone to paralytic attack, stomach problems, piles, and hernia.

  2. Female Natives

  3. Females born in this Nakshatra will also enjoy more or less the same results as that applicable for male natives mentioned above. In addition, the following results will also be enjoyed: 1. Physical features: She is medium in height with a stout body. She has large and protruding eyes. 2. Character and general events: She is a real “Lakshmi” (goddess of wealth) in the family. She is the embodiment of a real family woman. Her behavior is extremely cordial, respectful and praiseworthy. She is adaptable as per the circumstances. Suitability, as the occasion warrants is her main characteristic. She also bears an impartial outlook in life. When all the above three essentials required for the present day are combined into one, what more can I describe or attribute about her character. 3. Education, sources of earning/profession: Employed females can achieve a good position because of their own efforts. She is best suited to the profession of a lawyer or arbitrator. She is also a good nurse or a doctor. 4. Family life: These females will be a gem of the family they are born in or married to. In other words, their footsteps are sufficient to bring in Lakshmi (goddess of wealth). 5. Health: She is prone to rheumatic pains, acute indigestion, constipation, hernia and in some cases tuberculosis of low intensity.

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