First House(Tanu Bhava)

This House represents  Physical Stature, Color and Shape, Vitality and Vigour, Natural dispositions and Tendencies,  Appearance, Brain and Head, Ego in Action, Activities of the Soul, Start of Life, An idea about the general structure of Life

Second House(Dhana Bhava)

This House represents Family, Food, Wealth, Speech, Attitude about Money, Worldly Attainments, Securities and Shares, Acquisition of  Spiritual Values, One's Power and Resources, Vision, Right Eye, Memory, Imagination, Death

Third House(Bhratru Bhava)

This House represents Writing, Artistic Talents, Courage, Communication, Sports, Agencies, Rational Mind, Mental Process, Younger  Brothers and Sisters, Short Journeys,Intellect, Inclination to Study, Firmness, Valour, Rumours, Hands, Throat, Shoulder blade, Correspondance, Change of Residence, Arms, Nervous System  Process of Relationships, Bridging the Higher and Lower Self

Fourth House(Matru Bhava)

This  House represents Home,  Mother, Land, Conveyances, Academic Education, Domestic Environment, Fields, Pastures, Farms, Fields, Buildings, Rivers, Lakes, Psychological Foundation, Karma of the body, Foundation of the Soul

Fifth House(Putra Bhava)

This House represents Higher Education, Intelligence, Creativity, Power of Discrimination, Spiritual Progress, Lottery, Gambling, Speculation, Mantra-Tantra, Love Affairs, Religious Inclinations, Moral Structure, Wisdom, Amusement, Romance, Personal Will, Creative Expression of the Self, Children, Hobbies, Games, Sports, Actualisation of the Higher Self 

Sixth House(Shatru Bhava)

This House represents Enemies, Opposition, Diseases, Debts, Services, Adventures, Sports, Servants, Health, Employees, Subordinates, Sickness, Nursing, Maternal Uncle, Miserliness, Work, Skills and Techniques, Integration of the Soul Qualities, Service to Humanity through Nurturing and Healing, Knowledge Acquisition to build the requirements of the Soul 

Seventh House(Kalatra Bhava)

This House represents Marriage, Partner, Business, Partnerships, Death, Open Enemies, Path of Union between the Soul and the Personality, Conjugal Life, Marital Relations, Influence in Foreign Countries

Eighth House(Ayu Bhava)

This House represents Longevity, Span of Life, Inheritance, Sudden Financial Gains, Legacies, Joint Assets, Wills, Illness, Cause of Death, Accidents, Misfortune, Sorrow, Strife, Worries, Delay, Defeat, Dejection, Loss and Obstruction, Chronic Diseases,Transformation and Regeneration, Desires of the Personality,  Transmutation of the Values, Joint Resources, Transformation of personal and material resources into the Group and Spiritual Resources

Ninth House(Bhagya Bhava)

This House represents Father, Spiritual inclinations, Devotion, Pilgrimages, Religion, Long Journeys, Philosophy, Higher Education, Differing Orthodoxies, Legal Activities, Publishing, Places of Worship, Sacrifices and Charity, Grand Children, Dreams and Vision, Knees,The Path, The Repository of the Truths contained in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Unification of all belief Systems, Higher Mind, Synthesis of all Religions, The Knowledge of the Cosmic Law

Tenth House(Karma Bhava)

This House represents Profession, Career, respect, dignity, Fame, Honors, Ambition and Authority, Government, Honour from Government, Social Responsibility, Heirarchy, Masters, Opportunity for Spiritual Advancement, External form of Service

Eleventh House(Labha Bhava)

This House represents Gains, Elder Brothers  and Sisters, Profits, Friends, Prosperity, Social undertakings, Society, Community, Organisations and Groups, Hopes and Wishes, Political Activities, Success in Undertakings, Recovery from illness,  Spiritual Visions and Aspirations, Service to Humanity through Communication

Twelfth House(Vyaya Bhava)

This House represents Loss, Expenditure, Prisons, Imprisonment, Hidden Enemies, Poverty, Limitations and Restraint, Investments, Donations, Separation from Family, Right Eye, Feet, Success through Occult Affairs, Self Undoing, Institutions, Hidden Resources, Secrets of Life, Confinement in Hospital, Dark Forces of Ignorance, Bondage to the Personality, Inversion of the Soul Force, Selfless Service to the Humanity, Access to Collective Experiences of one's Past Lives, Final Salvation(Moksha)

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