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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

If the Sun and Venus be together, one will be skillful in use of weapons,be mighty, weak sighted in old age, will be able to amuse the public and will have abundant money earned through women. According to classical authors, if the Sun and Venus  be together, one is skillful in the use of weapons , is mighty  weak sighted in old age, able to amuse the masses and has  abundant money gained through women.  The conjunction of Venus with the Sun induces one  towards sporting activities. In olden times archery was  also a sport and it is so even now, hence the term skillful  in the use of weapons is used. If the conjunction occurs  in evil house aspected by the malefic, one is sure to  have some defect with his eye-sight. Their success is more likely in fields such as drama, media, dance, music, and fine arts. Such natives enjoy a good social reputation and financial status. However, if Venus if combust in this placement, it may lead to health issues to the native, particularly related to eyes or liver. Such a person is vulnerable to marital issues.

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