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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

If the Sun and Saturn are together, the native will be a metallurgist, be virtuous, mindful of his own duties, will lose his wife and son, will have the qualities suitable to his race, will be pure, but not so upright. With this conjunction, natal behaves like a matured person more than his age. They know their roles very clear, there is no need of the guidance of others. These people are self-determined. They know how to achieve authority. Usually, these people work for the government in any field. According to classical authors , the native having the  conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in his chart becomes  a metallurgist, a clay worker or a potter. He is virtuous,  mindful of his own duties, loses his wife and son early  in life, possesses qualities suitable to his race, has  religious bent of mind but not so upright.  In our view one becomes learned and very mature  in behavior like an elderly person; but  disadvantageously placed as far as his family is  concerned, if the two planets are placed in bad houses. In our view any relationship between the Sun and  Saturn tells upon the father, either by losing him early  in childhood or by bringing him bad luck or by not  having good terms with him.

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