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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

SUN MOON VENUS CONJUNCTION Should the Sun, Moon and Venus be in one House at birth, the native will steal others money, will be a debaucher and be expert in Shastras. A conjunction of Moon, Sun, and Venus in a horoscope makes the person materialistic and greedy. Although Venus is a benefic planet but it is inimical towards Sun and Moon. Moreover, native with this conjunction may struggle with progeny matters due to infertility. Such natives are very intelligent, smart and have an attractive personality. Their financial position observes a lot of ups and downs. Venus for a kalapurush kundali ( horoscope with Aries as ascendant ) is lord of 2nd and 7th house and being in conjunction with Sun it gets combust and due to which it gives many ups and downs with regards to 2nd house which is house of finances and also with regards to 7th house which is house of marriage and relationships and being significator of marriage , it creates problems in marriage and relationships and if highly afflicted it may lead to divorce in some cases . But if Venus is strong , in good dignity , in benefic shashtiamsha or associated with benefis then the problems get minimized.

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