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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Should the Sun and Mars be in one House the native will be splendorous, valorous, dull witted, strong, be a liar, be sinful, disposed to kill (or torture) and be fierce. Sun and Mars conjunction is powerful, and if it is positive, it can make the person fearless, self-assured, strong, vigorous, determined, ambitious, and a good-spirited person. Such a person is also short-tempered, reckless, argumentative and prone to telling lies. This conjunction is not termed favorable in Kendra as it is destructive, especially if under malefic influence. This could be a wonderful combination if placed in 10th house as the person becomes a leader and good decision-maker. These people have a competitive spirit. They like to win. Channeled into sports and games, they make formidable opponents, although sports that require strategy may not be their forte, simply because they are apt to apply force to get to their goals. If not channeled this way, they make formidable business opponents.

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