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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Native who has the sun in gemini will be a scholar, be sweet in speech, affectionate, will have good conduct, be expert in profane knowledge and also in shastras, be exceedingly affluent, liberal, skillful, be an astrologer, be mediocre in appearance, will have two mothers, be fortunate and modest. The native has an in depth urge to express and present himself. They like history as a subject and also they like to collects and share with all the information they have gathered. These natives are very adaptable to change and make many friends in their life time. They have a huge social network. They are people who like constant mental stimulation otherwise they start getting bore. Although they can mix up in all atmospheres but for one to get close to them is not easy, intimacy is something which they do not share with many. It is very difficult to fathom their feelings because it is often fluctuating for one and they don’t like to share their inner self is the second reason. They are not good in keeping secrets. Jack of all and master of none is what describe them exactly. They are restless people and suffer from nervous disorders.

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