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Sun in 9th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

SUN IN 9th HOUSE Sutras 83-87-If the Sun is in the 9th, native will be a devotee of the Sun and other Gods. He will be religious-minded but not much fortunate and will be inimical to father. If the Sun is exalted or is in his own sign the results will be very favourable namely, the native will be blessed with wife and children. The native’s father will be long lived. He will also be very wealthy, will take interest in religious rites and meditation and will be devoted to the preceptor and God. If the Sun is posited in his sign of debilitation (Libra), enemy or malefic sign or if he is aspected by a malefic, there will be loss of father (this means that this disposition will adversely affect the longevity of the father). If the Sun is aspected by or associated with a benefic, the father will be long lived. Comments-The ninth house being house of Dharma, the presence of a Sattva guna planet like the Sun makes the native religious minded and a devotee of God, but its other significations suffer on account of the Sun being a malefic planet. He will become less fortunate and the native will have inimical relations with his, father (ninth house is a significator for father). Being 5th to 5th the ninth is also house of children. It is also house of prosperity and Bhagya. If the Sun is exalted (in this situation the ascendant will be Leo, and Sun as lord of ascendant will be exalted in the ninth house, an excellent disposition), or in his own sign Leo (this position of lord of the ninth being in the ninth will generate a powerful Raja Yoga), all the good results of the ninth house will be magnified. The native will be blessed with wife and children, he will be very fortunate-and prosperous, he will have great faith in religion, he will pay respect to the preceptor and God and his father will be well off and long lived. Malefic influence on the Sun (and consequently also on the ninth house) will not only adversely affect the longevity of the father but also other significations of this house. Benefic influence will cancel the malefic results. Other Views- Brihat Jataka-The person concerned will be endowed with children, wealth and happiness. Phaldeepika-The father of the native will not be happy and be shortlived. The native will get happiness from children and relations, and will pay respect to Brahmins (religious leaders) and God. Saravali-The native will be wealthy, ble with children, devotee of Brahmins and God and inimical towards mother. Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will be an evil person, he will always be mentally worried, he will perform religious rites unwillingly and will suffer from the hands of his real brothers. Note-The views of the above authorities are self explanatory. It is not clear how Saravali refers to mother when the Sun and ninth house have nothing to do with her. We would prefer to give more weight to the views expressed in Bhrigu Sutras in which a very clear distinction has been in effects as a result of benefic and malefic, weak and strong disposition of the Sun and also of the benefic and malefic influences on the Sun and the ninth house. Evidently, Brihat Jataka and Saravali have given the effects of a favourably disposed Sun and Phaldeepika and Chamatkar Chintamani have given effects of the Sun according to his normal significations (that is as a malefic but sattva guna planet).

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