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Sun in 8th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

SUN IN 8th HOUSE Sutras 75-82-If the Sun is in the eighth house the native will get few children. He will suffer from eye diseases. In the 10th year he will suffer from a head injury but he will not get this if the Sun is aspected by a benefic. The native will have meager wealth and the domestic cattle, cow, buffaloes belonging to the native will get destroyed. He will suffer from chronic ailments of the body but he will be famous. If the*lord of eighth is associated with strong planets, the native will become owner of the land of his choice. If the Sun is exalted (in Aries) or in his own sign (Leo), the native will be long lived. Comments-The native will suffer from eye diseases as the Sun in the eighth house afflicts by powerful aspect the 2nd house which is a significator of eye sight and right eye. His suffering from head injury in the 10th year is a matter for verification by practical experience, but accidents is one of the significations of the eighth house and the head injury might be caused by some sort of accident. He will have meager wealth because of the affliction by aspect of the 2nd house which is the house of wealth (Dhana Bhava). It is difficult to explain how cattle of the native will be destroyed by the presence of the Sun in the eighth house and it is again a matter for verification by practical experience. The eighth house signifies chronic diseases, so the native will suffer from such diseases on account of the malefic influence of the Sun in this house. The Sun is a planet of longevity and his being strong by being in exaltation or by his being in his own sign will enhance the span of life of the native. The native getting land of his own choice if the Sun is associated with strong planets, is not clear to us. The eighth house has nothing to do with lands. In fact if the Sun as lord of the 4th is in the 8th, the native is likely to lose the lands or the house he possesses. However, a benefic and strong Sun may bring land to the natives by inheritance. Other Views Brihat Jataka-The native will have a limited number of issues and will have defective eye sight. Phaldeepika-There will be loss of wealth, loss of longevity, loss of friends, poor eye sight. Saravali-The native will suffer from eye troubles, will be devoid of happiness and wealth, will be short lived and unhappy because of separation from near and dear ones. Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will always be ready to do any work entrusted to him. He will always be in difficulty. He will have close relations with foreign women. He will be a drug addict. His money will be stolen by thieves. He will suffer from diseases of the secret organs. Note-Except the views of Chamatkar Chintamani. the views of the other authorities mentioned above tally with the conclusions of Bhrigu Sutras. The views of Chamatkar Chintamani are also relevant to the significations of the eighth house.

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