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Sun in 6th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

SUN IN 6th HOUSE Sutras 59-68-If the Sun is in the sixth house, the native will belong to lower caste. He will have many enemies but will be very well off financially. In his twentieth year the native will suffer from eye diseases, but if the Sun is aspected by a benefic, he will not suffer from eye afflictions. The native will wander in jungles and will take great interest in chanting* mantras. He will have good reputation but he will have mental worries and will be constitutionally hot. If the lord of the sixth is associated with a benefic, the native will enjoy good health. He will have many relations and many enemies. If the lord of the sixth is weak, there will be destruction of enemies. The father will also possess a weak constitution. Comments-The Sun is a royal planet and belongs to high caste but when he is placed in the sixth which is a bad house (Dusthana), the native will belong to a backward caste. The sixth house is significator of diseases and enemies. Ill placement of the Sun will cause eye diseases (the Sun being significator of vision) and growth of enemies. Sixth is also an upachaya house where malefics bring name, fame and wealth to the native. The Sun in sixth will give this good benefit to the native. The Sun is ar significator of mountains and jungles. Ill placement of the Sun will make the native wander in jungles, but as satva guna planet, the Sun will make the native take interest in chanting mantras to protect himself from difficulties. The native will have mental worries because of enemies and ill health. It is stated in Sutras 65-66 that if the lord of the sixth is in conjunction with a benefic the results will be (a) the native will enjoy good health (6) there will be an increase of enemies. To us these two effects appear to be contradictory. As the sixth house signifies enemies and diseases, a benefic influence on the lord of the sixth should decrease the ill effect of both diseases and enemies. According to Sutras 67-68 there will be destruction of enemies if the lord of the sixth is weak. We entirely agree with this principle. The logic behind this principle seems to be that if the lord of the sixth is strong, the evil signification of the sixth house will gain strength and there will be great harm and trouble from the enemies. If the lord is weak, the significations will become weak and there will be destruction of enemies or there may be no enemies. A lord of an evil house becomes more harmful if it becomes strong and it becomes a benefic when it is weak. We would like to mention here that if the Sun is placed in his own sign Leo in the sixth house, only good results should be expected. Of course in such a situation there should not be any malefic influence on the Sun.

Other Views Brihat Jataka-The person born will be powerful but will be over powered by his enemies. Phaldeepika-The native will be glorious like a king. He will be famous, wealthy, endowed with good qualities and a conqueror. Saravali-The native will be very passionate, will suffer from acidic troubles, will be powerful, wealthy, a king or like a king. Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will be destroyer of enemies. His wealth will be spent on the king (Government, or on friends. He will be troubled by maternal relations and animals and tribals. Note-All are agreed that the Sun in the sixth house gives the native, wealth, good reputation and high position but bad health and enemies. The above views maybe taken into account along with the views expressed by Bhrigu. Sutras which appear to be more logical and based on well established astrological principles.

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