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Sun in 4th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

SUN IN 4th HOUSE Sutras 43-50-If the Sun is in the fourth house, the native will have defective limbs, he will be proud, will be opposed to the public and will be hot constitutionally. In the 32nd year of his life he will get congenial environments. He will then become respected and successful, will be learned, attain a high position and will become valorous. He will not, however, be well off financially. If the lord of 4th house is strong (by being exalted) or is in his own sign and is posited in a quadrant (Kendra) or trine (trikona house namely 1,5 or 9), he will acquire high class conveyances. If the lord of the 4th is associated with or aspected by a malefic or is placed in a bad house (3, 6,8 or 12), the native will have to do with a low type of conveyance. He will have no land of his own and will live in other people’s houses. Comments–It is said that the native will have defective limbs if the Sun is in the fourth. This is a very general statement Our view is that because of malefic influence of the Sun only that part of the body can become defective which is governed by the fourth house. The statement that the native will do well in the 32nd year of his life and will attain high position etc. can be verified by practical experience. We have found it correct in only one case so far. It is not clear how after getting a favourable turn in his life and attaining a high position, the native will not be well off financially. Perhaps the Sun will not allow him to accumulate wealth, Bhrigu Sutras-has given great importance to the position of the lord of the 4th house in delineating its effects. This is a very logical and weighty principle. No house can prosper unless its lord is well placed. The fourth house signifies native’s own land, own house and his native place. In spite of the Sun being in the fourth house, if the lord of the 4th house is strong and well placed, the native will enjoy the comforts of his own land, house and native place. If the lord of the 4th is ill placed or is otherwise under malefic influence, the native will be deprived of these comforts. It is evident that the Sun alone is not good for the signification of the 4th house. It is surprising that Bhrigu Sutras makes no mention of the mother of which the 4th house is a strong significator. Our view is that the mother will suffer by the presence of the Sun in the 4fh house unless the Sun is in his own sign or has benefic influence on him or the lord of the 4th and the Moon are well placed. The Sun will also adversely affect the domestic happiness of the native. Other Views Brihat Jataka-The person concerned will have no happiness and will be troubled in mind. Phaldeepika-The native will be unhappy, without friends and relations and any land or house. He will also lose his paternal property. Mansagari-The native will be very sociable, soft hearted, expert in vocal and instrumental music, conqueror, will enjoy company of his wife and wealth and will be liked by the king. Saravali-The native will be unhappy, without wealth and conveyances, paternal house. He will squander away what he has and will be in the service of a wicked king. Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will always remain away from his native place. He will be defeated by his enemy and will have no peace of mind. Note-It will be seen that all the works mentioned above speak of adverse results on account of the presence of the Sun in the •fourth house. Their conclusions are logical and relevant to the significations of the fourth house. They do not contradict the views given by Bhrigu Sutras but supplement them. Only Manasagari has given beneficial results with which we respectfully express our dissent. In our practical experience, we have seen Sun in 4th house (without any benefic influence) playing havoc with the lives of people. One Makar Lagna (Capricorn Ascendant) native had Sun in Aries (exalted) in the 4fh house. She had at one time been a leading actress in the Indian films. We have no words to describe the wretched life she was leading in her mid-forties when she met us. Not bad off financially (as her horoscope was otherwise good), she had a very disturbing domestic life and had absolutely no peace of mind. Her husband and children had all joined against her to make her life miserable.

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