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Sun in 3rd House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

SUN IN 3rd HOUSE Sutras 33-42-If the Sun is in the third house, the native will be brotherless (no younger brothers) and his elder brothers will not survive. In the 4th, 5th 8th and the 12th years he will suffer from bodily troubles. If the Sun is associated with a malefic, the Native will do cruel deeds. He will have two mothers and will be valourous because when the Sun alone will deny younger brothers vide Sutra 33, how can he with association of a malefic give two brothers). He will be a brave fighter. He will have a good reputation and will enjoy his wealth. If the Sun is associated with a benefic, the brothers will become prosperous. If the lord of the third house is strong, the brother will be long lived. If the Sun is associated with a malefic and is also aspected by a malefic the family will be destroyed . If the Sun is aspected by a benefic (and has no malefic influence) there will be growth of family and the native will be wealthy, will enjoy good life and will be happy. Comments-It is an accepted principle of Hindu Astrology that malefics in upchaya houses, namely 3,6 10 and 11 give beneficial results. But according to the learned author while the Sun will make the native valourous and wealthy, he will destroy brothers particularly when he is in association with a malefic when he will also destroy the family. The third house being second to the second house (house of family) becomes a marakasthana for the family and malefic influence on the third house will cause destruction of the family. It is said that if the Sun is in association with a malefic, the native will have two mothers. The third house being 12th to the 4fh house, it will be the house of loss for the 4th house (house of mother). Hence it is likely that the native’s mother will die and his father after remarriage will provide him with another mother. Benefic influences on the Sun, the third house and the lord of the third house will not only enhance prosperity of the family and brothers who will also be long lived, but such a disposition will also make the native wealthy and happy. If the Sun is associated with benefics, the ninth house (house of bhagya) will be benefically affected by beneficial aspects from the third house. If the Sun is aspected by benefics, this aspect will come mostly from the ninth house. Thus the ninth will give favourable results enabling the native to get name, fame and wealth. The Sun being a planet of vitality will add to the signification of valour and make the native valourous and courageous but being a cruel planet, the Sun will make the native indulge in cruelty. Other Views Brihat Jataka-The person concerned will possess a good intellect and great strength. Phaldeepika-The native will be mil of strength, valourous, wealthy and generous but he will be inimical towards his relations. Mansagari-The native will have no brothers. He will do good to his friends and will have wife and children. He will be wealthy, patient, of forgiving nature and will be liked by women. Saravali-The native will be valourous, full of strength, respected, good looking, learned and conqueror of enemies. Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will be full of valour. He suffers on account of his real brothers. He goes on pilgrimages and always conquers his enemies in the battle field. He is provided with comforts by the king. Note-If will be seen that except in some respects, the effects of the Sun in the third house given in the above works tally with those given by Bhrigu Sutras. However, Bhrigu Sutras has emphasised the necessity of benefic influence on the Sun and the third house which is logically maintainable.

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