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Sun in 11th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

SUN IN 11th HOUSE Sutras 96-102-If the Sun is in the eleventh house the native will have substantial income from agricultural operations. In his 25th year he will acquire conveyances. By the use of his wealth and diplomatic talk, he will be able to acquire more wealth. He will suffer from a serious kind of fever and will have cordial relations with his employees. If the Sun is with a malefic he will incur lot of expenditure and will be without any conveyance. If the Sun is in his own sign or is exalted, he will have immense wealth. If the Sun is in conjunction with the lord of the 4th house, he will have sources of income at many places and will acquire conveyances and will be very fortunate. Comments- 11th is an upachaya house and is very auspicious and beneficial for almost all planets unless they are lords of bad houses or there is malefic influence on them. The Sun in the 11th according to Sutra 96 gives substantial income from agricultural operations. The native also acquires conveyances and is able to gain wealth by talking in a diplomatic manner according to Sutra 97. Diplomacy is acquired by the native as the Sun aspects the 5th house which signifies diplomacy. If the Sun is in his own sign or is exalted the acquisition of wealth will be more accentuated but if the Sun is associated with a malefic there will be loss of wealth probably on account of native becoming extravagant. He will also not possess any conveyance. The conjunction of the Sun with the lord of 4th has been stated to be. very beneficial to the native. Although it is not mentioned in the above Sutras, conjunction of the Sun with the lord of 2nd, 1st or 9th would also be very beneficial particularly when the Sun be in his own sign. Other Views Brihat Jataka-The Sun in the i 1th house will make the person born wealthy. Phaldeepika-The native will be wealthy, longlived and happy. He will have command over many persons, that is, he will be of high status. Saravali-The native will accumulate wealth, will be powerful, will hate others, will be without servants, will stick to his words and will be successful in his ventures. Chamatkar Chifitamani-The native will acquire wealth from the king (Government) and possess many kinds of wealth. He will destroy his enemies by his valour but will be unhappy in the matter of children. Note-The eleventh house is a house of gains and all the authorities mentioned above agree with Bhirgu Sutras that the placement of the Sun in this house is beneficial for acquisition of wealth.

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