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Sun in 10th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

SUN IN 10th HOUSE Sutras 88-95-If the Sun is in the tenth house, the native will make distinctive achievements in the educational sphere by his 18th year, and will become famous and quite capable of learning well. If three planets aspect the Sun, the native will be liked by -the king (Government), he will do pious deeds, will be very brave and valorous and earn good reputation. If the Sun is exalted (that is, he is in Aries) or is in his own sign Leo, the native will become powerful and famous on account of his good qualities and achievements. He will construct reservoirs and temples and places for housing cows and Brahmins. If the Sun is in the sign of a malefic, or is aspected by or associated with a malefic, there will be obstructions in his professional career. He will indulge in evil deeds, will be of undesirable conduct, immoral and sinful. Comments-The Sun is considered powerful in the 10th house as he gets directional strength in this house. If not afflicted by malefic influence, the Sun will give all the favourable results mentioned above. When the Sun is exalted in the 10th, the ascendant will be Cancer and the Sun as exalted .lord of the 2nd house (house of wealth) will be in 10th. This will give rise to an excellent Dhanayoga which will make the native very wealthy and prosperous and a man of high status as will be seen from the following horoscope of the late Pandit Moti Lal Nehru. If the Sun is in his own sign Leo the lord of 10th will be in 10th giving rise to a powerful Rajayoga and no achievement will be too high for him. The tenth house is also house of Karma. It is therefore but natural that benefic influences on the Sun and the tenth house and its dignity will make the native do pious deeds, and malefic influence will turn him immoral and make him indulge in evil and sinful deeds. As far as the effects of the aspect of the three planets on the Sun as mentioned in Sutra 89, we see no logic behind the conclusion arrived at. We leave it to the readers to verify this from their practical experience. Other Views Brihat Jataka-The person concerned will be happy and powerful. Phaldeepika-The native will be blessed with children and will have all comfort’of conveyances. He will be wise, wealthy, powerful and of good reputation. Saravali-The native will be blessed with children and will be wise and wealthy. He will enjoy the comfort of conveyances. He will achieve success in his profession, will remain unconquered and will be noble and will attain high status. Chamatkar Chintamard-The native win achieve success in his work like a king. He will cause pain to his mother (as Sun as a malefic aspects the fourth house which is significator for mother) and will get separated from his relations. He will always be mentally worried. Note-Readers will not fail to realise that good effects given by Brihat Jataka, Phaldeepika and Chamatkar Chintamani are of the Sun in the tenth house when he is dignified and has benefic influences. Very clear distinction has been made of the effects of such influences in the conclusions given in Bhrigu Sutras.

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