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Stomach Problems

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Which planet gives stomach problems :

The stomach has been assigned to the fifth house and Simha rasi. Sun is karaka for the same. Affliction of fifth house, lord of fifth house, Simha rasi and Sun give rise to the diseases and troubles concerning stomach. Further, fifth house rules the right side of the stomach along with Simha rasi, while ninth house and Dhanu rasi rule the left side of the same. Saturn and Ketu cause all stomach pains. Saturn produces all diseases from irregular and bad eating, while Ketu produces all diseases from hunger and in-sufficient eating. The disease of the fifth house, that is stomach, is mostly inter-linked with diseases connecting bowels which is governed by the sixth house and Kanya rasi. We shall now discuss many diseases concerning fifth and sixth houses.

If Moon be hemmed between malefics and Sun be in Makara.

If waning Moon with a malefic be in lagna be-longing to Saturn or be in sixth or eighth house.

When Moon is in between malefics and Saturn is in the seventh house.

If sixth lord Moon be aspected by malefics.

When malefic Jupiter be in lagna or in dusthana.

When Mars is in lagna and lord of sixth house is weak.

Problem in Stomach- if sun , mars, saturn, rahu or ketu is sitting in fifth house, they give problem in stomach. Because fifth house is linked with stomach

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