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Saturn in 9th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

SATURN IN 9th HOUSE Sutras 41-43-If Saturn is in the ninth house the native will be sinful but still he will get the dilapidated buildings of religious institutions repaired and in his 39th year will have bathing ghats, shelters for cows etc. built. If Saturn is in his own sign or in his sign of exaltation, the native’s father will be long-lived. If Saturn is weak or is associated with a malefic the native’s father will be short-lived. Comments-For Taurus and Gemini ascendants the ninth house will fall in Capricorn and Aquarius respectively. Saturn in the ninth will then be in his own sign and lord of ninth will be in ninth giving rise to a powerful Raja yoga. For Libra Ascendant Saturn will be in the ninth as lord of the 4th and 5th houses and for Capricorn ascendant he will be there as lord of ascendant and the 2nd house. For Aquarius ascendant, Saturn will be exalted in the ninth house as lord of the ascendant. These dispositions will give very favourable results. Other Views Brihat Jataka-The person concerned will be endowed with children, wealth and happiness. Phaldeepika-The native will be unfortunate, poor, childless, fatherless, and irreligious. He will also be evil minded. Saravali-The native will have meager wealth and will be irreligious, childless, unhappy and one who causes troubles to others. Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will be cruel minded. He will have faith in Yoga Shastra and renunciation.

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