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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

B.P.H.S. REMEDIES FOR SANKRANTI BIRTH 1-2. The Sage said. O Brahmin! The names of the Sankranti on the seven days of the week, beginning from Sunday, are Ghora, Dhavankshi, Mahod6th, Manda, Mandakini, Mishra and Rakshasi. The person, born at the Sankranti (entry of Sun in a new Rasi), is poor and unhappy, but he becomes well-to-do and happy, if remedial measures are undertaken. I am now going to describe the remedial measures to nullify these evil effects. 3-6. The Yagya of the nine Planets should be performed to obtain relief from the evil effects of the birth at Sankranti. A clean spot in the eastern part of the house should be purified by besme6thng with cow dung. Then prepare three separate heaps of the following: 5 Dronas (80 Seers) of paddy (Sadhi), 2 Dronas (40 Seers) of rice, 1 Dronas (20 Seers) of sesame seeds (Til). On these heaps of grains make a figure of lotus with eight leaves (Ashtamdhal) and then decorate them with flowers. After doing this, select and invite a priest, who is well versed in the performance of religious rites and recitation of Mantras. 7-18. The religious rites are then to be performed in the following order. Install Kalashas without any holes on all the three heaps and put in each of them water from holy places, Saptamrattika, Shataushadhi, Panchapallava and Panchagavya. Then wrap the Kalashas with pieces of cloth. Place small earthen pots, wrapped with thin cloth, on the Kalashas. Then install the idol of Sankranti along with the idol of Adhideva and Pratyadhideva. (Here Sun is Adhideva and Moon Pratyadhideva). Their idols should be placed on either side of the main idols of Sankranti. Two robes may be given, as offering to each of the idols. Perform worship of all the three idols, according to the prescribed procedure. The main idol should be worshipped with the chanting of Trayambakam, Yajam Hai etc., the idol of Sun with Mantra Ut Sun and the idol of Moon with Mantra Apayayashava etc. The worship should be performed with Shodshopchar, or Panchopchar, as may be possible. After touching the main idol, Mrityunjaya Japa should be recited 1008, 108, or 28 times, as may be possible. Make a small platform in the West of the installed Kalashas, kindle fire on it and perform the prescribed rites. Then perform Havan 1008, 108, or 28 times with Samidha, Ghrit (Ghi) and Charu (powder of Til) within ones means along with chanting of Trayambakam etc. Mantra. Again perform Havan, first with the fuel of sesame seeds along with recitation of Mrityunjaya Mantra. After performing another Svistkrita Havan, sprinkle the holy water on the child born and his parents. Lastly feed as many Brahmins, as one can afford. By performing the remedial rites, described above, the evil effects are nullified and the native and his parents enjoy happiness.

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