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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

B.P.H.S. REMEDIES FOR BIRTH IN BHADRA AND INAUSPICIOUS YOGA 1-2. The Sage said. O Brahmin! Now I am going to describe the remedial measures for relief from the evil effects of birth in Bhadra, Tithi Kshaya, Vyatipata, P6thdha, Vajra etc. inauspicious Yogas and Yamaghants etc. The remedial rites should be performed on the day, when the same inauspicious Yoga operates again. 3-5. The remedial rites are to be performed in the following order by the parents of the child in the above inauspicious Yogas. Puja of Lord Vishnu and other deities on an auspicious day and auspicious Lagna on the advice of a proficient astrologer, burning of Deep with Ghi in a Shiva temple, Abhisheka of Lord Shiva, going round a Pipal tree 108 times prolongs longevity and perform Havan with 108 oblations along with the recital of Vaisneh Raratmachityadhi Mantra of Lord Vishnu and feeding Brahmins to the best of ones means. The observance of these remedial measures will give deliverance to the native from all the evil effects of his inauspicious birth and he will enjoy happiness.

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