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Rahu Ketu in 8th House

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

RAHU OR KETU IN 8TH HOUSE Sutras 22-23-If Rahu or Ketu is in the eighth house, the native will be very sickly and the life span of the native will be of 32 years. It will be of 45 years if Rahu or Ketu is associated with a benefic. It will be of 60 years if the lord of the eighth house is strong or is in his sign of exaltation. Other Views Phaldeepika: Rahu-The native will be in distress, will suffer from rheumatic troubles, will have few children, will be short lived and will indulge in evil deeds. Ketu-The native will be separated from his near and dear ,ones, will be quarrelsome and short lived. He will get injured from weapons and will face obstacles in all his undertakings. Chamatkar Chintamani: Rahu-The native will suffer from windy troubles. He will be deprived of paternal property and will be declared as an outcaste by his relations. He will be respected by the king and learned men but members of his family will have little regard for him. Ketu-The native will suffer from piles and will have danger to life from falling down from a horse. He will be short of funds but there will be accumulation of wealth if Ketu is in Scorpio, Virgo or Aries.

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