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Rahu Ketu in 4th House

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

RAHU OR KETU IN 4TH HOUSE Sutras 9-10-The native will own many kinds of ornaments, will have two wives and will serve others. If Rahu or Ketu is. associated with a malefic, the native’s mother will be in distress but this will not happen if there is association with a benefic. Other Views Phaldeepika: Rahu-The native will be stupid, troublesome, short lived and seldom happy. Ketu-The native will live in the house of others. He will suffer loss of his mother, land, happiness and grain fields. He may have to go away from his native place. Chamatkar Chintamani: Rahu-The mother of the native will be sickly. Rahu in Aries, Cancer or Virgo, gives beneficial results. The native will then become a king. Ketu-The native will be devoid of happiness from mother and friends. He will not stay in his own house for long. His paternal property will be destroyed.

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