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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The placement of Rahu in virgo in a chart are perceived to be the people of high precision in every aspect as they would look for perfect expression in articulation and writing besides which they would look for vivid details till the depth. This could be said as Rahu further intensifies the visible shades of virgo sign. Natives with Rahu in virgo are the super perfectionist .These people are believed to be strict with cleanliness and health. The persons of this combination would be more stronger at mind and more intellectual besides which they would be highly concerned about accomplishing their work. They are the people with strong logic. He may be suffering from disease related to intestinal. He has a lots of secret enemy. He will be interested in law or literature or astrology. He may be hypersensitive. He has capacity to analasing any matters in systematic ways. He has danger from servants or pets. He may be best cure from disease by ayurvedic way in place of allopathic. He may be suffering trouble regarding his landed property. He will be inclined towards evil eyes and black magic. He may be interested in secret acts or having secret knowledge. He is very smart. He has artisian quality. Native may be get victory over his enemy. But he is always getting trouble from enemies and most of his enemies are secretive type

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