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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The placement of Rahu in taurus would enhance the charm and dominance in one’s personalities besides which it would make them more inclined towards comfort and pleasures in life. This will ultimately make them prefer wealth in the path of life while lacking at the side of emotional attachments. The natives having rahu in vrishabh are perceived to be more strongly bend towards nature and beauty besides which they could be good at the creative side. In the end, they are passionate persons who could reach at the mount of success. When Rahu in Taurus Sign in birth chart native will suffer from disease related to thyroid glands/ thyroid. He born in a house which is situated in the south part of town and the road in the front of the birth house will run from South to North. He has hidden artistic talent and secret affairs. He speaks roughly. He adopts wrong means or ways to attain their materialistic goals. He has magnetic attraction through which he attracts opposite sex. He may be experts in telling lies. His voice may have feminine touch. He may speaks excess. He is expert in making hypocrisy through his speech. He may be suffering from problems regarding face,teeth,and throat.

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