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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The placement of Rahu in scorpio would further intensify the blend of secretiveness in the natives for which these people could carry two personas as hiding the real one inside besides which they could even turn towards deceit and treachery if needed. These people would not forgive and will expect for strict loyalty.These individuals of Rahu in scorpio carry a lot of strength in mind and are strong personalities from inside as well as from appearance who would try to rule over the surroundings and stay dominating in between. Native will take birth in house which is situated in northern part of city. And the road in front of birth house may running from North to South. He may be suffering from disease belongs to sexual organs. Such as for male, he has less sperm count and for female, she has less discharge of blood during menstrual cycles or having dryness in the vagina. He has got a lots of scope regarding his profession from foreign lands or country. His wife may be doing a lots of expenses freely. He may facing danger during Sexual acts. He may be short temper. He may be suspicious. He may be prove very dangerous for his enemy. He may be interested in research, tantra, occult etc. Native may has fear from poison, snake, unnatural things etc. He may have very high sexual desire so generally he doesn’t get satisfaction regarding bed pleasure. He may not have good morality.

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