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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The placement of Rahu in sagittarius would further intensify the humanitarian blend in natives along with some of mature understanding besides which they are strongly optimistic people. This would reduce their childlike sensitivity to somewhat extent and would make them a bit stronger than the rest.The natives with Rahu in sagittarius are perceived to be more fantastical in their approach and are much creative persons. Besides this, they could be seen as much inclined towards spirituality. These people are believed to pursue a moral path throughout their life. He may be suffering from problems belong to thighs and lower back. It is assumed that he may curse his guru in previous life so in this life he may be suffering from piles. His spouse may of danger of life in early period. He meets a lots friends/business partner during his travels. He has a lots of knowledge but doesn’t has sufficient educational certificates. His spouse may lose his things frequently. He has very courageous. He has danger from heights, woods, forests, animal etc. His speech may hurt others. He is very ambitious and want to aims on multiple goal. He may loves adventures and adventures may also cause dangerous for him. If not well placed then native may not have faith in religion. He may goes to foreign place.

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