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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The natives with Rahu in pisces are perceived to be highly creative in their approach and truly artistic in their hand besides which these people live in the world of fantasies while believing much upon their intuitions and inner self. These individuals carry a much different approach which could make them stand with unique thoughts at times. They could also be seen as deeply believing upon certain superstitions and myths.This all comes from their enhanced sensitivity due to the influence of Rahu that they wish to stay in the safe confinement of their own. He may be suffering from pain in feet. He may has danger from heights in some times. He may want liberation. He may not enjoying enough bed pleasure. His younger may be suffering in his professional life. His mother may be facing danger from long distance travel. His wife may be suffering from evil eyes or tantrik effects. He will meet a guru who does happy or having a lots of problems. He may suffering from frequently losses in profession. He may be highly sensitive. He may loves fantasy.  He may be very spiritual. He may has hidden or secret behavior. He may be imaginative regarding hidden matters. His health may not good. He may be involving in illegal acts. He may be enjoying luxurious life. He may be interested in foreign matters. He wants fast spiritual progress. If he used wrong ways then his spiritual acts brings problems for him.

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