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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The placement of Rahu in libra is a sign of balance and harmony in the native’s life as a whole. It also gives stability in regard to the affections; the gratification of noble desires is shown in all things. The native has a fine intellect as well as great courage. Progress will be rapid; and wealth as well as honor will be acquired. Rahu in libra is favourable for the children and for the family ties. He has less friends and most of them are cheater type or rough type. He will suffering from both success and failure. He doesn’t like jealousy and enmity. He is very social and diplomatic in nature. They don’t get good success. He always choose rightness. He may be suffering from problems belongs to kidneys, sexual organs, live etc.  He will facing tension or problems in marriage. He loves photography, electronics, fine arts etc. He may gets defame through women specially in old age. There may be possible dramatic situation at the time of marriage.

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