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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The placement of Rahu in leo would intensify the potency and dominance of the natives besides making them more stronger and firm at mind till the extent of being obstinate in attitude and ignoring others at times. These people carry a lot of believe upon the self and are much inclined towards leisure and glamour which could be till the extent of being obsessed with the same for which they could be called as the people of vanity. Native will take birth in a house which is situated in East part of city. The front road in the house is running from east to west. He may be suffering from gastric or spinal problems. He may be interested in drinking or gambling. He may frequently go to away from his house for fulfillment of his mean desires. He may be crushed by his father in previous life. Due to this in this life he may be wanderer and acts like king. He may be facing danger from surgery /medicine  /electricity. He may be suffering from government or political people.Native may be brave and fully energetic. He may has abdominal problems. He has high proud ness. He has very high ambitions. He is highly independent person so he doesn’t control by any body. He is very jealous.He may be politically from mind. He may has friendship or connection with higher status person.

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