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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The natives having Rahu in capricorn would be descent and simple people with strong personalities who are believed to acquire respect which in real comes from their immense crave for dominant position. On the other hand, these individuals could even turn ignorant about others presence and participation with the approach of taking the whole credit alone as being self centered. Rahu in capricorn would bestow the strength of mind and courage to the natives because of which they would take risky but intellectual steps. Native will be born in a house which is situated in Southern part of city and road in front of city may running from South to North. He has suffering due to weak knees or problems in knees. He may be suffering from problems due to a local powerful man. He may leave his homeland due to danger from bad person or neighbors. His mother may be suffering from a lots of stress in her life. His children may be suffering from evil eyes which makes him frequently sick. Native may be very selfish. He totally loves his privacy. He may be reserved type person. He is brave and fearless. He has not satisfied from both professional or family life. He may be always ready to take extreme risks.

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